bbc radio drama training day piece 1

July 22, 2008

Rob Watson has managed to do an edit of the first radio piece. Available to listen on the audiotheque site. It’s called Fenced In.

fusion conference

July 22, 2008

lots of interesting speakers so far. george siemens did the keynote on monday day 1. His discussion of fragmented narrative of most interest to me. Then attended useful sessions on integration of Desire2Learn software. Good to be in a place full of instructors with clear ideas of how technology can be usefully integrated into course delivery.

Little tired after the Graceland,/Beale street outing organised for us. Managed to make the 8am session on managing the first year transition which was useful. Put this down to the fact that I only had one of what the waitress insisted was a local drink of a big ass beer with rumplemint chaser. These are their names not mine. it really is a called a big ass beer.


July 20, 2008

Arrived in Memphis yesterday to temperatures of 100 degrees. Just registered and picked up my pack. Looking forward to the conference and to hearing how others, stateside talk about the d2l product. Conference proper starts tomorrow.

the wives (many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti

July 18, 2008

Finished a complete first draft last night after a minor change from bobby brown to ray parker jnr (you can guess the reference no?). Now off to Memphis for a week. Intention is to read it there once, twice and then I have a week to make changes before submission to TWP on time (yes!!) 1st August. And then it’s off not looking or writing for two weeks (will allow myself to make notepad notes but no computers)

Enjoyed it as ever and produced something that I think it has lots of strong moments, strong characters and when actors/readers/theatre practitioners get to see it,  the strengths will be strengthened and the weaknesses whittled away. The David Freeman or here techniques proved useful and interesting as a start point to jump off from.

The Wives (many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti:thinking of Harry Crews

July 8, 2008

Thinking of Harry Crews at the moment. In particular his book car. A guy decides he can eat a car piece by piece. The idea of these people attached to a guy and they all have their own reasons for wanting him to continue even though by the time we join the story he knows he cannot complete the task.

Read it years ago and just working off sense memory rather than re-reading it again. The idea of people wanting things from the main character, some they can articulate and some they cannot is the sense that I am currently feeding into the characters/story.

I love Crews’ work. Body has two central characters that remind me of the Williams sisters (Venus & Serena) as regards their impact on a previously closseted sporting world. He might be described as southern gothic (so he might be tagged with Hiaasen) by some. I just love his writing style. Check him out if you can. He was one of those writers where I bought one book, which I read and then bought as presents for others and then went through as many of his back catalogue as possible. This was pre-Amazon day.

Criminal Justice by Peter Moffat

July 4, 2008

Enjoying Criminal Justice. (writer  Peter Moffat) BBC1. its being striped all week 9pm. Best scene so far for me is a short scene in episode 3. In about 8 lines two characters suggest a romantic history with emotional residues still bubbling. Delicately written and beautifully played by con o’neil and jaye griffiths

The Wives (many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti

July 4, 2008

Had an interesting idea this morning (early, early after failing to sleep which is not unrelated) about how to introduce the ‘at stakeness’ of the piece. So it doesn’t become an interesting but not ‘urgent’ piece I need to make sure there is enough ‘at stake’ that night, today, now and worked out how to do that. It also builds on rela life events and suggests the future (so those knowledably of the story can get that but those not can still be engaged with the piece. This ‘at stakeness’ is really important to engender this engagement. Beyond being interested in the characters, setting, music etc etc. it introduces the idea of jeapodary, urgency.

Just need to make it work.

writers talking about writing

July 1, 2008

Yesterday’s Guardian newspaper (UK), 30th June 2008 had this article by Frank Cottrell Boyce (24 Hour Party People, A Cock and Bull Story et al)

Makes for an interesting read. it also had a link to this site. After a quick preliminary scan of the site it looks like quite an interesting. Think it’s going to be very Hollywood-centric but worth a gander I should think. If’s its good enough for the writer of cock and bull it’s good enough for me!

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