the wives (many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Working towards my August deadline been writing alot. Working from my treatment. I don’t usually have such a detailed treatment to work from as I find writing them difficult as they seem so full of cliche. Was pleased to get to an act break and realise I had only perhaps 20 minutes on stage so far. Looking at around 45 minutes, interval, then 60 mins. This was really reassuring for me as it said i need to invent lots of stuff. I thought writing such a detailed treatment would result in a join the dots exercise . Only having 20 mins is fantastic as it leaves lots of room to integrate the way I usually work which is to start from seemingly random ideas I have had, shoehorned into the piece in a not too considered way. To create momentum for the piece this way of working forces me to be elliptical, use metaphor and imagery to make sense of the scenes joined for the coherent whole. This of course is where the power lies. This is the home of the idea, the scene, sequence or piece driver lives in this space.

Of course this collision forces changes to these random ideas but that sense of the random can be carried (either very strongly or not) as appropriate. I spoke in an earlier post about how I bought August Wilson’s century cycle as a result of reading in an interview how he works in what I felt to be a similar random collection method so this combination of the more traditional treatment/plot it all method and the random collection method are so far proving enjoyable and illuminating.

Check out this YouTube series of writers talking. it’s called The Dialogue. Interestingly different ways of working profiled.

So all in all a very enjoyable time is being had.


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