Fela- We have title??

May 6, 2008

So I have a working title now. The Wives (many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Currently working on the characters. At the moment I have 5 but this might change. I am using some of the techniques that writing guru David Freeman expounds. I did a weekend course of his last September in London. Beyond Structure. 2 days, 9-8 where, no lie he talked for almost most of that time. It was really good. Raindance organised it.

Anyway like all of these script guru’s (mckee,seger, wolff, field) he has these specific techniques he wants to impart. So I am now trying these outs to see how I like them.

So far working well in shaping the story before I actually write it. I ordinarily work back to front (this is why i am interested in august wilson. see august wilson post) and inefficiently in that I write it and then figure out what I want and then have to re-write it! Second time i’ve tried working in this way so i’ll see how I get on.

Freeman’s written a book if you’re interested and can’t make it to LA. Its focus is writing for games but he said alot of the techniques were directly transferable and after purchasing it I would agree.


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