coming up 2008 idea

March 17, 2008

After generating an idea I did a bit of research on the subject. I worked my usual way in that I dont let research get in the way of a good idea so I decided what I wanted to write about and then got research to build into the story as textual details to “sell” idea.The subject that I am writing about involves the following anaesthetic awareness.still working up a treatment so if it doesn’t fly, i’ll drop it

coming up 2008 guidelines

March 14, 2008

Was informed of this scheme by EM Media on three separate occasions by three different employees and am applying. Have two or three new ideas I intend on submitting. Going to use the Carcass script developed as part of my unsuccessful DV Shorts submission as an example of my writing for the screen, as well as my published play natural breaks and rhythms.They require treatments only at this stage so when I’ve done them I’ll post them here. Submission date is 4th April.  See details on pdf attached coming up 2008 guidelines

DV Shorts aftermath

March 10, 2008

So after slow re-inflation over the weekend I have a couple of new ideas that I can work on. Ideas which I think hit the EM Media boxes and mine simultaneously.

The feedback was, after reflection, good but not something I was interested in hearing at the time. I now see it as potential financial and emotional support to make some work, which is what I am interested in, in the end.

I like thinking up ideas, writing, and working in a room with actor’s and it looks like, if the feedback is taken on face value, that EM will support me to do this and to create interesting, ambitious work in the Nottingham and the East Midlands so what’s to complain about? nada hombre, nada. Hasta lluego…..

Memphis, Tennessee

March 10, 2008

I’m off to Memphis in July. Attending an elearning conference (paid for by NTU by the way). I am looking to create tool for writers to discuss and describe their process. The idea is this can become a aid for new and/or inexperienced writers to develop their craft. Memphis conference will help me sniff out what else is out there and get a look at methodologies and pedagogy.

I’m going to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee,

I’m going to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee 

CARCASS decision

March 7, 2008

So the decision is no. No commission. No Carcass. No attempt to pull off an audacious, ambitious sci-fi. I’ve enjoyed the process and getting back into film after plays for the last three years and learnt alot and worked hard. Thanks to all contributors for their help and Dave Allen in particular for all his support.       

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