carcass latest submission

Submitted the package today so now its wait and see. EM Media are having a drinks session for all the DV Shorts participants on friday 7th which is decision day so win, lose or draw there will be some consumption of Guinness on my part. Invited dave allen along who has been instrumental in this project so as they didn’t say in seventies football, win lose or draw have no fear we’re on the beer. Thanks to all who helped me get together the package, from the documentation to the DVD test footage. Dave Allen, Jackie Pickup, Rob Speranza, Andy Love and Tim Smith in particular.It’s been a hard slog trying to balance all this with other commitments, so hard that today is the first newspaper I’ve bought since saturday!!!  and i’ve no idea what happened in the oscars (i assume they happened did they)Really enjoyed interpreting a project from a Directing point of view after writing solely for the last three years. (natural breaks and rhythms still available to buy from here )I got to try out some new software and finally try out software i’ve had for a while so lots of positives commission or no commission.  Attended a script factory event in birmingham last week where it was good to meet the other DV Shorts participants. Some really interesting sounding projects. The Film Council do compilation DVD of the films they consider ‘best of’ so looking forward to seeing that in a year’s time to see what agenda is being sold, told, displayed there.  ok. see ya 

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