carcass shotlist

Never did get around to posting this shotlist. This is the latest version. Reflects the script changes and scene amendments much closer that the prior version.carcass shotlist 

2 Responses to carcass shotlist

  1. Adam Bolt says:

    Interesting script. The year 2050 sounds rubbish!
    I picture it being bleached out white and cold like Alien, but as you mentioned – Heath Robinson thing is more Terry Gilliam..?

    See below, some frames are crap but mostly ok:

    I also have a pdf of another storyboard for the insect repellent but I can’t see an attach on this so will email it.
    Hand drawn is my thing but I would normally use photoshop for colour where appropriate. Potentially artwork could be neater than these examples.


  2. Adam Bolt says:

    Uploaded Insect repellent storyboard:


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