carcass latest submission

February 28, 2008

Submitted the package today so now its wait and see. EM Media are having a drinks session for all the DV Shorts participants on friday 7th which is decision day so win, lose or draw there will be some consumption of Guinness on my part. Invited dave allen along who has been instrumental in this project so as they didn’t say in seventies football, win lose or draw have no fear we’re on the beer. Thanks to all who helped me get together the package, from the documentation to the DVD test footage. Dave Allen, Jackie Pickup, Rob Speranza, Andy Love and Tim Smith in particular.It’s been a hard slog trying to balance all this with other commitments, so hard that today is the first newspaper I’ve bought since saturday!!!  and i’ve no idea what happened in the oscars (i assume they happened did they)Really enjoyed interpreting a project from a Directing point of view after writing solely for the last three years. (natural breaks and rhythms still available to buy from here )I got to try out some new software and finally try out software i’ve had for a while so lots of positives commission or no commission.  Attended a script factory event in birmingham last week where it was good to meet the other DV Shorts participants. Some really interesting sounding projects. The Film Council do compilation DVD of the films they consider ‘best of’ so looking forward to seeing that in a year’s time to see what agenda is being sold, told, displayed there.  ok. see ya 

carcass draft5.1

February 25, 2008

Hi,Despite my prior post i’ve called this one 5.1 as the changes are minimal. One significant elements amended though provided by one line added. I’ve suggested class (which is defined by wealth) division between Jim and Lucy.Some other similar minimalist bits and pieces of lines, switched or excised.Submitting for 9am on Friday and prepping a shoot for later today and tomorrow pm.   carcass draft5.1

carcass draft5

February 19, 2008

Here’s the latest draft. This is a version rather than a draft but i’ve gotten into calling them drafts now so i’ll continue. Tightening of dialogue, pushing subtext mainly through visual language carcass draft 5 i’ve included scene numbers though this isn’t a sign that this has gone into production but a sign that I would be happy for this version to go into production and into rehearsal for the actors to create a new draft that is their own .  

Carcass Schedule (7 day version)

February 15, 2008

Here are the latest version of the schedule. Amended to reflect the squash of the budget.HerecarcassDays1-3 HerecarcassDays3-7 and herecarcassPreShootDay The pre-shoot day is for the model shot and the material for the channelAll screens.This will make no sense if you haven’t read the script!! Try the new search facility and type carcassv4 

carcass shotlist

February 15, 2008

Never did get around to posting this shotlist. This is the latest version. Reflects the script changes and scene amendments much closer that the prior version.carcass shotlist 


February 14, 2008

At the moment the music downloads rather than streams so when I sort this out i’ll fix it. The music will be worth it especially when you hear it against the script 

Test footage- Box animation

February 14, 2008

Animator andy love  created some test footage. It was created really quickly by Andy who’s working on the project. Intend to replace the still background image with video footage. Compositing, perspective, lighting, animation and universe would all be improved but I think it gives a good sense of how this scene might look.  When I compress it I’ll upload it.

decision day looms

February 8, 2008

Hi,After yesterday’s meeting I have resolved to shoot some test footage for the next and final submission prior to the commissioning decision on 6th March.Not sure exactly yet what I will shoot but likely to involve some compositing, some animation and perhaps some live action exterior location work.Think that I am up against it as far as the commission goes as the LOF (leaf of faith) gap still feels nearly as apparent and gaping as when project was initiated. To successfully resolve Carcass in the way which all of the collaborators have envisaged on the likely budget is as the football commentators say ‘a big ask’.If we all knew exactly how ‘it’ could be done before we did it then what would be the bloody point!!journey not destination  onwards and upwards. 

carcass concept visuals (more)

February 6, 2008

Dave Allen Production Designer producing more visuals for me. Project isn’t commissioned so he’s doing this gratis. Much appreciated as it means project will hit the ground running as and when.. carcass concept visuals (more)

Stills Photographer

February 6, 2008

Received an email from stills photographer Chris Harris enquiring about working on Carcass. Link to his myspace site here.some good work. check out his abstract stuff, not alot demonstrated but I like it. 

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