carcass shotlist

January 29, 2008

Quick chat in the corridor with Production Designer Dave Allen and realised I havent put up my initial shotlist here. Going to go to storyboards and previs via FrameForge 3D soon so these are really simple shots as per draft 2shot list is here   

carcass latest draft

January 29, 2008

Hi,Draft 4 here.carcassv4.pdfCut one scene and tried to get technology to work in delivering some of the subtext. Admire that in Cronenberg’s work, not just existenz but earl work like scanners and Dead Ringers also.  

script formatting macro

January 25, 2008

Hi,thought i’d post this macro for those who don’t want to buy or can’t afford industry software like final draft. This macro should result in industry formatted scripts  scriptformattingmacros.jpg 

Carcass Script development meeting

January 25, 2008

Had a good meeting today. Looking at developing the how to use the image to represent some of the ideas, again looking at how technology really integrates into this world, how technology can be used for purposes of subtext as well as providing the text. And then the big one I think which is how the change undergone is profound and personal.So I am looking to do this over the weekend for a submission on Monday. 

carcass concept visuals (more)

January 25, 2008

Here are some more concept visuals created by Production Designer Dave Allen.  You may recognise one of the images from the early concept visuals drawn by Mike Osbourne. Dave has now worked up the practicalities surrounding all of the many ideas and problems the script currently explores.

Carcass Music

January 24, 2008

I went to a gig before christmas to see singer/songwriter Chris Green. It was fantastic.  As I was listening I really felt some of the songs he performed would really work with Carcass.I’ve gotten Chris’s permission to post rough demo versions of the tracks and as soon as i’ve fileden works for me i’ll post them. The valley (offal) I am thinking of for the opening of scene two and largerbabble is perfect for the Stimulator Bar scene    You can listen to some of Chris’ other tracks here

Carcass Schedule

January 23, 2008

Here’s a sample of the initial schedule. schedulegrab.pdfSo far it is looking like a ten day shoot. It is nowhere near finished yet as there are lots of variables still to be decided, not many specific locations arranged yet, script still developing etc etc, some things need to be shot first for use in later scenes, some nudity that I want to shoot first but nobody cast yet so that whole conversation needs to happen etc, etc. Posting really to demo process and progress and also to talk about the package I am using.Using an industry leading piece of software called EP Scheduling. Such a difference than doing it by hand like I am used to. The automation is excellent and makes it really easy to produce reports of cast, locations, schedules, props etc, etc at a few clicks. Still happily discovering stuff and still unsure if this is the same software as movie magic suite of software or not.   Also have the companion EP Budgeting so hoping that is similarly easy. Trying to get budget and schedule done for friday for submission Monday. Ep have a free trial demo version available for download here so check it out.  

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